ÜberStandard 3.0

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    What is ÜberNet?

    ÜberNet is a community for people who are sick of low quality audio compression. ÜberNet is for those of us who hate having to hunt down songs individually to complete an album. ÜberNet is for people who use EAC in secure mode. ÜberNet is for people who use LAME with the --alt-preset standard switch.

    At the moment, ÜberNet is simply a collection of hubs using Direct Connect P2P software.

    What are the rules of ÜberNet?

  • We *only* share MP3s that are ripped and encoded to the Überstandard. Nothing else is shared (warez, games, p0rn, etc).

    What is the Überstandard?

  • Tracks must be ripped with EAC, in secure mode, from original CDs (not CD-Rs). The drive's audio cache must also be disabled (more on this later).

  • Tracks with read or synch errors are not allowed.

  • Only two folders on your hard drive are shared in your Direct Connect profile, C:\Uberized Rips and C:\Uberized Downloads

  • Each album must be in it's own folder, and include the Artist and Title. For example: C:\Uberized Rips\Michael Jackson - Thriller (Some people like to organize their folders by Genre, Year, etc, this is fine too. As long as the Artist & Album Title are present, organize it how you see fit)

  • Each album must be complete, with every track included. Do not share downloads or rips until they are complete.

  • Each album folder must contain a .log, generated by EAC.

  • MP3s must be encoded with LAME 3.92, 3.90.2, or 3.90.3 and the --alt-preset standard/extreme switch. We do *NOT* use LAME 3.93, or any of the later versions, as they use a new psycho-acoustic model that has not been approved by hydrogenaudio.org

  • The proper year must be entered in the ID3 tag field, as found at AllMusic.com

  • For albums with various artist (soundtracks, compilations) follow the Various Artists in EAC tutorial on our website.

  • NOTE: The easiest way to make sure you are doing everything correctly is to use the .CFG profiles which you can load in EAC. (This will be explained in further detail, see the ÜberGuide below)

  • NOTE: Check out the wonderfully in-depth guide that can be found at http://lockmist.com/uber/ which explains the ÜberStandard in very precise detail.

    MP3 .CFG profile

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