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24.06.24 1045 [PST]

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The Okanagan - Where The Wine Flows Like Water

Thursday, Sep 1

- Landed at YLW. Quick rental car pickup from Avis. Super efficient!

- Drove to Urban Distillery. Tried some espresso vodka, a couple gins, a whiskey, and bought some raspberry liquer.

- Next up was Tree Brewing Company. They were all OK. Radler was probably the best.

- On to BNA Brewery. They weren't bad. A little more complex than Tree.

- Checked in to our basement suite Airbnb. A little bit noisy. Thin walls.

- Walked around downtown Kelowna and checked out a few stores. Bought some oven mitts and a spoon.

- Went for dinner at Raudz. At first we were told it would be a 45 min wait, but we lucked out and a spot opened up immediately.

My burger with poutine fries was delicious (and filling!). Chris had fish and chips, which were also very good. Dessert was a great value, the $5 chocolate sampler had a fudgsicle, a brownie, pudding, and a truffle.

- Leaving the restaurant, it started to pour, so we headed home.

Friday, Sep 2

- Our Airbnb made us a delicious waffle breakfast with poached pairs.

- Drove up to Myra Canyon and met Hoa and Steve. Rented some bikes and began biking the Kettle Valley Railway trail. Great scenery in the canyon and some interesting tressles and tunnels along the way. It started to rain a little bit, and a little bit chilly, but it was still a fun morning. The sun came out at the end and we took some nice pics.

- Went to a cidery ('The View') that Steve/Hoa had visited before. Bought one cider for our upcoming river float. Pretty good ciders.

- Went to The Fixx cafe for lunch. Chris had a quesadilla. I had a chicken sandwich and some soup. Tasty!

- Hit the road and drove to Penticton/Naramata. Started at Morainne Estates winery. We liked all their wines. Bought a riesling.

- Next up was Poplar Grove cheese. Bought some cheese and crackers for a snack.

- Headed over to Joie winery and bought some sparkling wine to have with our raspberry liquer for our river float. Grabbed a few homemade ice cream sandwiches on the way out.

- Checked into our Airbnb. It was nice, although the hot tub wasn't available for use, which was disappointing. Ordered pizza from 'Real Things' for dinner. I tried the mango chicken, and Chris had veggie. Pretty good pizza! Ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Saturday, Sep 3

- Had some bagels and peanut butter for breakfast. Checked out the Penticton Farmer's Market. We were surprised at how large it was. Picked up some gigantic heads of garlic and cookies.

- Drove towards Osoyoos. Stopped at a road-side Mexican stand along the way. Awesome burritos and tacos.

- Drove through Osoyoos and went up to the Anarchist Mountain Lookout and took in the view of the town and surrounding area.

- Went to Osoyoos city beach area and walked along the shore. It's allegedly Canada's warmest lake but Chris still found it cold.

- Stopped at Spotted Lake and took some pics. Pretty interesting looking lake/pond/slough. Need to figure out what causes the spots!

- On the way back to Penticton we stopped at Mahoney Lake. It had some great reflections. It allegedly contains a purple sulfur bacteria, but we couldn't really see any purplish tinge to the water.

- Next stop was See Ya Later Ranch. Great views, and good wine, but we couldn't really buy any more wine, as we were flying with carry-on only.

- Met up with Steve/Hoa/Brock/Carmen at Blasted Church. Steve and Brock bought a lot of wine here! The 4 of them carried on to another winery near Osoyoos while we went into Penticton and scouted out a picnic area.

- Had a picnic in the park. Ate some of the meats, cheeses, wines, and chocolate that we had accumulated during the weekend.

- Still a little hungry, we stopped at Wild Scallion and picked up some salad rolls and a noodle bowl.

Sunday, Sep 4

- In the morning, we hiked to Naramata Falls.

- Packed up our stuff for the river float and drove to the launch point. Inflated our new 2-person River Run tube, complete a storage/cooler area in the middle.

- Started our quiet float down the lazy river. It wasn't long before we made some friends, the ducks, who must be used to people feeding them. We were surprised at how unafraid of us they were, and they would literally swim at our feet, evidently hoping we would throw them some bread crumbs. At one point a duck even nibbled on Chris's foot!

- It took 2 or 3 hours to complete the float, which was enough time to drink our bottle of wine, and a cider, along with some cheese.

- Caught the river float bus back to our car, and went to Bad Tattoo brewery. Didn't really like any of the beers.

- Tried Cannery brewery next and sat on the patio.

- Went and had pizza from the wood-fired oven at Joie. Ate our pizza and drank a bottle of gewurztraminer with views of the winery and the surrounding Naramata Bench area, which was very nice!

Monday, Sep 5

- Walked up the Munson Mountain lookout and took in the views of Penticton and surrounding area.

- Started heading back towards Kelowna. Stopped at a roadside fruit stand for a peach smoothie.

- Walked along the Kelowna boardwalk. Watched a girl try the jet/hover/fly boarding in the water. Looked pretty fun.

- Went to Naked Cafe for lunch. Very good rice bowls!