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How To Burn CDs from MP3s Without Gaps Between Tracks
February 07, 2004

Ever noticed that there's always a noticeable gap between tracks when you try to make an audio CD from MP3s?

Even after removing the '2 second gap' in your favorite burning software, there's always a noticeable pause between songs, especially when you're listening to a live CD.

Well there is a way to burn CDs without any gap at all. Thanks to Phreak144 for the tip!

1. Download and install Foobar2000. You need to install the special version, with extra plugins. Close Foobar2000.

2. Download the Foobar2000 burn plugin.

Unzip this file. Inside you will find "foo_burninate.dll". Place this file in C:/Program Files/foobar2000/components

3. If you do not have Nero installed, download and install Nero Burning ROM.

4. Restart Foobar 2000. Click on Playlist at the top, and add the MP3s files you would like to burn.

Highlight all the MP3s and right click on them. Select Write audio CD.

That should be it, the default Foobar2000 settings should write a completely gapless audio CD for you.